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Your favorite outdoor activities

Outdoor sports, also known as outdoor activities, are much more than just physical exercise. They represent a genuine invitation to adventure, discovery, and a connection with nature. Whether in the mountains, forests, on water, or in the air, outdoor sports offer a multitude of opportunities for thrill-seekers, explorers, and those looking to push their limits.

In an increasingly connected and sedentary world, outdoor sports provide a breath of fresh air that allows us to reconnect with the natural environment and have unique experiences. They offer an escape from the hustle and bustle of urban life, a means of rejuvenation, and a way to reconnect with our most primal instincts.

Interested in learning more? Let’s get started; we’ve curated a selection of the most popular outdoor sports for you.

Pedestrian Sports

TRAIl running

Wild nature unfolds beneath the footsteps of trail runners, ready to tackle steep trails and breathtaking landscapes. Each stride is an encounter with the unknown, a step towards adventure. Trail runners push their limits, scaling mountains, crossing rivers, and challenging the elements.

Every race is a true epic, where resilience, strategy, and perseverance are put to the test. Trail running is more than just a race; it’s a communion with nature, a journey of self-exploration, and a celebration of the raw beauty of the world.

Trail running


Hiking, an activity that offers a rejuvenating escape into nature, is a source of wonder and discovery. Each step on the trail awakens the senses, from the floral scents that perfume the air to the bird songs echoing through the trees. Hikers traverse diverse trails, through lush forests, majestic peaks, and verdant valleys.

Each hike is a unique adventure, providing breathtaking vistas and encounters with diverse wildlife and flora. Far from the urban hustle and bustle, hiking allows one to reconnect with nature, recharge, and savor the simplicity of authentic pleasures. Whether it’s a short stroll or a long trek, hiking offers a beneficial getaway that nourishes the body, mind, and soul.

Hinking with Kaptrek


Bivouacking, an immersive outdoor experience, embodies the spirit of adventure and freedom. It’s an opportunity to disconnect from daily life and get closer to nature in an authentic way. As the sun sets and the stars twinkle in the sky, campers settle into their shelters, whether it’s a tent, a hammock, or simply under the open sky. Around the campfire, stories are told, laughter resonates, and bonds are formed.

Bivouacking provides a sense of intimacy with nature, where you can listen to the rustling of the wind in the trees, feel the freshness of the air, and contemplate the beauty of wild landscapes. It’s an experience that humbles you in the face of the grandeur of nature and allows you to appreciate the simple joys of life. Whether in the mountains, forests, or by a lake, bivouacking offers a well-deserved break, an escape to unforgettable moments in harmony with our environment.

Vertical Sports


Rock climbing, a discipline that combines strength, agility, and concentration, is a true vertical dance on rocky walls. Climbers defy gravity and push their physical and mental limits. Each hold, each meticulously planned movement, propels them to new heights. Feelings of vertigo mix with excitement and adrenaline that crescendos. Rocky walls become an endless playground, offering unique challenges to overcome. Rock climbing demands complete self-confidence and trust in one’s partner, strengthening bonds and fostering teamwork. Each climbed route is a personal victory, a conquest of oneself, and a celebration of

Climbing with Kaptrek


Mountaineering, the highest form of mountain exploration, embodies the spirit of adventure, courage, and perseverance. Mountaineers embark on epic ascents, confronting towering peaks, hostile glaciers, and extreme weather conditions. Every step is a battle against the elements, a delicate dance with the wild. Mountaineering demands rigorous preparation, in-depth knowledge of safety techniques, and excellent physical condition. Mountaineers must possess unwavering determination and unwavering resolve to face the challenges that lie ahead. Each summit reached is a victory, a reward for sustained effort and sacrifices made. Mountaineering also offers an intimate communion with nature, allowing mountaineers to contemplate breathtaking panoramas, admire pristine landscapes, and feel the grandeur of the mountains. It’s an adventure that provides moments of humility, self-transcendence, and a deep connection with the raw beauty of our planet.

Mountaineering with Kaptrek

Whitewater Sports


Canyoning, an exhilarating experience deep within canyons, is a perfect blend of adventure and nature. Enthusiasts of this daring discipline explore the twists and turns of gorges, guided by tumultuous watercourses and dizzying waterfalls. Equipped with neoprene suits, helmets, and harnesses, canyoneers overcome natural obstacles such as rappelling descents, jumps into natural pools, and natural water slides. Each descent is a unique adventure, offering thrills and intense emotions. Canyoning requires mastery of rope techniques, good physical condition, and absolute trust in the team. Canyons, sculpted by the elements over centuries, provide breathtaking landscapes with their spectacular rock walls and extraordinary geological formations.

Canyoning allows you to discover otherwise inaccessible places, reconnect with the wild nature, and experience moments of pure excitement. It’s an experience that stimulates the senses, awakens the spirit of adventure, and provides unparalleled satisfaction when overcoming the challenges that nature presents along the way.


Canoeing, a peaceful and captivating water activity, offers an immersive experience along the water’s edge. Gliding on the smooth surface of rivers, lakes, or tranquil waterways, paddlers let themselves be carried by the current, connecting with the surrounding nature. Canoes, lightweight and maneuverable, provide a sense of freedom and exploration. Whether solo or in tandem, canoeing allows one to escape from the daily routine and rejuvenate in a serene environment. The paddles dipping into the water create a soothing symphony, while wildlife and flora reveal themselves in all their splendor. Canoeing also offers the opportunity to explore hidden corners, access secluded islands, or get closer to coves that are inaccessible by other means.

It’s an activity that encourages you to slow down, enjoy the slowly passing scenery, and appreciate moments of calm and tranquility in the midst of nature. Whether for a relaxing stroll, an adventure on whitewater, or an exploration of new horizons, canoeing is an invitation to navigate toward new discoveries and connect with the natural beauty that surrounds us.

Canoeing with Kaptrek


Kayaking, a dynamic and thrilling water activity, opens the doors to an exciting aquatic adventure. Gliding on the water, propelled by the strength of the arms, the kayaker feels an intimate connection with the sea, lakes, or rivers. Kayaking provides an immersive experience, allowing explorers to discover spectacular coastal landscapes, navigate winding waterways, or paddle on calm lakes. Whether in sea kayaking, river kayaking, or whitewater kayaking, each kayaker is the master of their own vessel, skillfully guiding their way through the waters. Kayaking allows access to remote and inaccessible places, the exploration of hidden sea caves, or quietly slipping along secluded coves.

It’s an activity that combines adrenaline and tranquility, offering both moments of fast-paced gliding and moments of contemplation of the surrounding nature. Kayaking is an invitation to experience unique sensations, to feel connected to the aquatic element, and to be carried away by adventure. Whether for a solo outing or a group expedition, kayaking promises memorable moments in the heart of the wild waters.

Kayaking with Kaptrek


Rafting, an action-packed and thrilling whitewater experience, is a true team water adventure. On board a sturdy inflatable raft, paddlers confront the turmoil of turbulent rivers and rushing rapids. Rafting requires perfect coordination among team members to safely navigate through swirling currents. Thrills are guaranteed as the raft rushes through the rapids, creating surging waves and splashes of water. Shouts of joy mix with laughter as the team pulls together to overcome the challenges encountered. Rafting is a pure adrenaline experience that allows you to feel the power of nature and come alive in the midst of the action. Beautiful riverside landscapes pass quickly, providing breathtaking scenery throughout the adventure.

Whether it’s a day trip or a multi-day expedition, rafting provides unforgettable memories and strengthens the bonds between participants. It’s an activity that embodies teamwork, excitement, and communion with the force of water. Rafting is an invitation to let go, to face challenges, and to experience intense moments on the tumultuous waters.

sup (stand up paddle)

Stand Up Paddle (SUP), a versatile and soothing water activity, offers a unique experience of gliding on the water. Standing on a paddleboard with a paddle in hand, practitioners move with grace and tranquility. Whether on the ocean, lakes, rivers, or ponds, SUP allows for a harmonious connection with the aquatic element. Paddlers can enjoy a peaceful ride, exploring the shores, discovering secluded spots, and observing local wildlife and flora. SUP is also an excellent way to practice yoga or meditation in nature, letting oneself be swayed by the gentle movements of the water.

It’s an activity accessible to all levels, promoting balance, coordination, and muscle strength. SUP provides a sense of calm and serenity, allowing you to escape from the daily stress and rejuvenate in a peaceful environment. Whether alone or in a group, stand up paddleboarding is an invitation to take your time, reconnect with nature, and enjoy moments of relaxation and tranquility on the water.

Stand up paddle

Cycling Sports

MTB / enduro / cross country

Mountain Biking (MTB), a dynamic and exhilarating activity, provides a two-wheeled adventure through various trails and landscapes. Mountain bikers tackle natural obstacles such as steep climbs, fast descents, and technical passages. Riding their sturdy bikes, they explore rugged terrain, forest paths, and narrow trails, pushing their limits and relying on their agility and bike-handling skills. MTB offers a sense of freedom and a connection with nature, allowing riders to discover remote spots and breathtaking vistas. Mountain bikers are rewarded with thrilling descents, tight corners, and daring jumps, fueling their passion for adrenaline. MTB is an activity that enhances physical fitness, develops balance, and promotes coordination.

Whether for a solo ride, group exploration, or even competitions, MTB offers a variety of possibilities for all levels and types of terrain. It’s an adventure that brings a sense of accomplishment, a connection with nature, and intense enjoyment on two wheels.

MTB with Kaptrek

Downhill Bike

Downhill biking, an exhilarating discipline of mountain biking, offers a thrilling downhill experience through rugged terrain and technical trails. Fearless cyclists launch themselves from mountain peaks, descending steep slopes with agility and precision. Equipped with sturdy bikes featuring generous suspensions, they confront natural obstacles such as rocks, roots, and jumps, pushing the boundaries of speed and technical skill. Downhill biking is a symphony of adrenaline and control, where cyclists must make quick and calculated decisions to negotiate tight corners and challenging sections. Spectacular descents provide breathtaking panoramas, awe-inspiring views, and unparalleled feelings of freedom. Downhill biking is a demanding discipline that requires good physical fitness, strong technical skills, and a bold spirit. Downhill riders are passionate about speed, action, and the constant pursuit of new challenges.

Whether on specially designed downhill courses or natural mountain trails, downhill biking provides a surge of pure adrenaline and undeniable satisfaction when successful descents are achieved. It’s an experience that embodies the spirit of adventure, self-mastery, and the intense pleasure of pushing limits on two wheels.

Downhill bike with Kaptrek

Road Bike

Road biking, an elegant and demanding discipline, provides a cycling experience on paved roads, allowing for efficient and fast travel over long distances. Road cyclists venture onto the roads in pursuit of performance, endurance, and exploration. On their lightweight and aerodynamic bikes, they pedal smoothly, propelled by their own power and determination. Road biking requires good physical fitness, efficient pedaling technique, and the ability to maintain a steady pace over long distances. Road cyclists embrace self-improvement, setting personal goals and constantly seeking to enhance their performance. Landscapes pass by quickly, offering panoramic views, picturesque routes, and a closeness to the environment around them.

Road biking also offers opportunities for camaraderie, whether through group rides, friendly competitions, or collective challenges. It’s an activity that promotes camaraderie, sharing, and mutual support among cyclists. Whether for passionate enthusiasts or professional riders, road biking provides a rewarding experience that combines fitness, exploration, and enjoyment on two wheels.

Road Bike with Kaptrek

winter sports

Alpine Skiing

Alpine skiing, a winter activity filled with excitement, combines speed, agility, and the beauty of snow-covered mountains. Skiers descend snow-covered slopes, gliding with grace and control through tight turns. Equipped with appropriate skis and sturdy boots, they savor the adrenaline of the descent, enjoying magnificent landscapes and the fresh mountain air. Alpine skiing requires technique, balance, and self-confidence to master different types of terrain and levels of difficulty. Whether on groomed trails, off-piste, or in snowparks, alpine skiers push their limits and seek to improve their skills.

Alpine skiing is an exhilarating adventure that offers unique sensations, moments of freedom, and a connection with nature. It’s an activity that brings together enthusiasts of skiing, sharing moments of enjoyment and camaraderie on snow-covered slopes. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, alpine skiing promises unforgettable moments and an unparalleled winter experience.

Alpine Skiing with Kaptrek

freeride skiing

Freeride skiing, a bold and thrilling discipline, offers a backcountry skiing experience in pristine and untouched terrain. Freeride skiers venture off groomed slopes in search of excitement and unconventional descents. Through snow-covered slopes, narrow couloirs, and untouched powder areas, they defy gravity and technical challenges. Freeride skiing requires solid skiing skills, terrain knowledge, and the ability to assess risks. Freeride skiers seek freedom and exploration, enjoying breathtaking panoramas and the vastness of the mountains. Each descent is unique, providing pure adrenaline sensations and a profound connection with nature.

Freeride skiing is an adventure, whether pursued solo or shared, where skiers embark on conquering new challenges, pushing their own limits. It’s an activity that combines the beauty of snowy landscapes, the joy of skiing, and the constant quest for new lines to trace. Whether you’re an experienced skier or discovering freeriding for the first time, this discipline promises intense moments and memorable experiences in the snowy mountains.

Freeride Skiing with Kaptrek

Ski Touring

Ski touring, an activity that combines skiing and mountain exploration, offers a unique experience of freedom and adventure. Ski touring enthusiasts equipped with special skis with adjustable bindings ascend snow-covered slopes using climbing skins attached to the underside of their skis to grip the snow. Once at the summit, they remove the skins and prepare for an incredible off-piste descent. Ski touring allows for the discovery of pristine landscapes, remote peaks, and breathtaking vistas. It’s an activity that requires good physical fitness, endurance, and knowledge of mountain risks. Ski touring enthusiasts are rewarded with off-piste descents through snowy terrain, where they can enjoy fresh powder and the sensation of gliding in a preserved natural environment.

Ski touring is an adventure that demands careful preparation, awareness of weather conditions, and mastery of skiing techniques. It’s an experience that combines self-challenge, communion with nature, and the exploration of new playgrounds. Whether you’re an experienced skier or looking to embark on this practice, ski touring promises moments of wonder and escape in the snowy mountains.

Ski touring with Kaptrek

Cross-Country Skiing

Cross-country skiing, a graceful and endurance-filled winter activity, provides a smooth and fluid gliding experience through snowy landscapes. Cross-country skiers propel their skis on specially groomed tracks, using a technique of alternate pushing to move efficiently. It’s an activity that requires coordination, endurance, and a good mastery of the technical gesture. Cross-country skiing allows for covering long distances, whether in classic style or skate style, while admiring the beauty of the winter landscape. Cross-country ski trails offer moments of calm and serenity, where one can rejuvenate and enjoy the fresh air in the great outdoors.

Whether pursued solo or in a group, cross-country skiing is an activity accessible to all levels, promoting fitness, muscle strengthening, and well-being. It’s an experience that combines relaxation, exploration, and a connection with nature. Whether you’re a seasoned cross-country skiing enthusiast or discovering this discipline, cross-country skiing invites you to glide in harmony with winter and enjoy the simple pleasures of skiing.

Backcountry skiing with Kaptrek


Snowboarding, a dynamic and daring discipline, offers a unique sliding experience on snow-covered slopes. Snowboarders ride their boards, descending slopes with agility and style. With special bindings and a sideways stance, they perform fluid turns and acrobatic jumps, pushing the limits of gravity. Snowboarding requires balance, coordination, and a good mastery of specific techniques. Snowboarders relish the feeling of freedom and adrenaline as they glide on the snow, chaining turns and tricks. Snowparks provide opportunities for jumps, ramps, and rails, where snowboarders can express their creativity and personal style.

Whether on groomed slopes, in deep powder, or in snow parks, snowboarding is an adventure that combines performance, artistic expression, and a passion for sliding. It’s an activity that brings together winter sports enthusiasts, sharing moments of camaraderie and challenges on snow-covered slopes. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, snowboarding promises thrills, big smiles, and unforgettable memories in snowy mountains.


Equestrian Sports

Horseback Riding

Equestrianism, a harmonious connection between humans and horses, offers a unique experience of camaraderie and freedom. Riders mount their horses, feeling the power and grace of these majestic animals beneath them. Whether it’s a leisurely ride, elegant dressage, or exciting show jumping, equestrianism requires finesse, balance, and subtle communication with the horse. Riders cherish the deep bond that forms with their mount, a relationship built on trust, mutual respect, and camaraderie. Equestrianism allows for the discovery of beautiful landscapes, a reconnection with nature, and getting lost in the soothing rhythm of hooves hitting the ground. It’s an activity that demands concentration, self-control, and a sense of control.

Whether for learning, competition, or simply the pleasure of riding, this practice offers moments of joy, emotion, and communion with these magnificent animals. Whether you’re an experienced rider or new to equestrianism, this activity invites you to explore the harmony between humans and horses and to experience magical moments in the saddle.

Horseback riding with Kaptrek

Horseback Trekking

Horseback riding, a wilderness adventure, offers a unique experience of discovery and exploration on horseback. Riders set out on adventures, traversing picturesque trails, forest paths, and beautiful landscapes. Through mountains, plains, or forests, they are carried by their faithful equine companion, feeling the power, grace, and bond that develops between them. Horseback riding allows access to places otherwise unreachable, the chance to admire breathtaking panoramas, and an intimate connection with nature. It’s an activity that requires balance, endurance, and good outdoor riding skills. Trail riders cherish moments of calm and serenity, where they can enjoy the horse’s peaceful rhythm and soak in the ambiance of the natural surroundings.

Whether for a simple day ride or a multi-day roaming adventure, horseback riding offers an authentic and captivating experience. It’s an opportunity to share special moments with horses, to experience strong emotions, and to create lasting memories. Whether you’re an experienced rider or looking to discover horseback trail riding, this activity promises incredible discoveries and moments of freedom in the company of these wonderful animals.

Horseback trekking with Kaptrek


Road Motorcycling

Motorcycling, a passion in motion, offers a freedom and adrenaline-fueled experience on two wheels. Riders straddle their machines, feeling the power and speed that propel them down the roads. Whether on a winding road, a racetrack, or off-road trails, motorcycling demands technique, balance, and a strong command of riding skills. Riders relish the sensation of the wind on their face, the exhilarating acceleration, and the precise control of their motorcycles. Motorcycling opens up new horizons, allows for long-distance journeys, and fosters a deep connection with the road. It’s an activity that combines adventure, performance, and camaraderie among motorcycle enthusiasts.

Whether it’s solo rides, group outings, or competitions, motorcycling offers moments of excitement, exploration, and shared experiences. It’s an endeavor that stimulates the senses, frees the spirit, and creates unforgettable memories. Whether you’re an experienced rider or new to this world, motorcycling promises thrills and a passion that will carry you along the roads of adventure.

Road motorcycling with Kaptrek


Motocross, an exhilarating and thrilling discipline, offers an extraordinary off-road riding experience. Motocross riders tackle rugged tracks, soaring over jumps, sliding through turns, and pushing the limits of agility and control. With specially designed off-road motorcycles equipped with robust suspensions and grippy tires, motocross riders skillfully navigate natural and man-made obstacles with audacity. Motocross demands concentration, quick reflexes, and a keen sense of balance. Riders relish the pure adrenaline that courses through them as they execute spectacular jumps and tackle technical sections. Motocross tracks provide a variety of challenges, from muddy terrains to sandy courses, delivering intense sensations at every turn.

Whether it’s for competitions, training, or recreational sessions, motocross is an adventure that combines performance, passion, and a desire for self-improvement. It’s a sport that brings together a community of enthusiasts, sharing moments of competition, emotion, and friendship. Whether you’re an experienced rider or looking to dive into motocross, this discipline promises moments of excitement and a pure sense of freedom with every twist of the throttle.

Motocross with Kaptrek


Quad biking, an off-road adventure, offers an exciting and daring experience on four wheels. Quad enthusiasts venture onto varied terrains, exploring rugged trails, muddy paths, and off-road tracks. With their robust and powerful all-terrain vehicles, quad riders push the limits of grip and agility, effortlessly overcoming obstacles. Quad biking requires mastery, precision, and a good understanding of off-road driving techniques. Quad riders relish the feeling of freedom and adventure as they explore places inaccessible by car.

Whether it’s group rides, races, or family outings, quad biking provides moments of camaraderie, excitement, and discovery. Forest trails, steep hills, and wild landscapes become playgrounds where quad riders can test their skills and enjoy a nature-filled experience. Whether you’re a seasoned quad biking enthusiast or new to this activity, quad biking promises thrills, beaming smiles, and memorable moments on every outing.


tactical sports


Fishing, a peaceful and relaxing activity, offers an experience of connection with nature and a quest for tranquility. Fishing enthusiasts head to the shores of lakes, rivers, or oceans, equipped with their fishing rod and patience. They cast their line into the water, patiently waiting for the fish to bite the bait. Fishing requires observation, perseverance, and knowledge of fishing techniques suitable for each environment. Fishermen appreciate the calm and serenity of these places, far from the hustle and bustle of daily life. They savor moments of contemplation, listening to the murmur of the water and immersing themselves in the beauty of the surrounding nature.

Whether it’s for sport fishing, family fishing trips, or simply to find solitude, fishing offers moments of relaxation, meditation, and connection with the aquatic environment. It’s an activity that allows you to escape the stress of modern life, reconnect with yourself, and live at the gentle pace of nature. Whether you’re an experienced angler or looking to get started, fishing invites you to slow down, savor the small pleasures of the sport, and appreciate the magic of each catch.

Fishing with Kaptrek


Hunting, an ancient and controversial activity, involves tracking and harvesting wild animals for various purposes, such as subsistence, population control, or sport. Hunters venture into specific areas, armed with rifles or bows, and use their skills to track and take down their prey. Hunting requires patience, observation, and in-depth knowledge of wildlife and its behavior. Hunters appreciate the challenge and excitement of following a trail, blending into the natural environment, and applying specific hunting techniques.

Hunting can be practiced individually or in groups, and some hunting methods may involve the use of hunting dogs or traps. It’s worth noting that hunting is regulated by strict laws in many countries to preserve ecological balance and protect endangered species. Hunting also raises debates and concerns related to animal welfare and wildlife conservation. It is essential to respect established rules and to act ethically and responsibly when engaging in hunting.

Hunting with Kaptrek