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Product specifications

Thermal resistance
Cold -20° / Hot +50°
24h autonomy
in operation
8,1cm x 6,5cm x 2,5cm

Product features


Track your favorite routes and geolocate your friends in real-time during your outdoor activities with KAPTREK’s Collaborative Navigation/GPS feature:

  • Open Street Map Outdoor base map
  • Map downloading capability within the mobile application
  • GPX track import feature from the mobile application
  • Topographic information
  • Points of interest
  • Collaborative geolocation

The GPS functionality is fully autonomous and does not rely on cellular networks.

Sport tracking

Track and measure your physical and athletic performance during all your favorite outdoor activities with KAPTREK:

  • Trail/Running
  • Hiking
  • Climbing/Mountaineering
  • Whitewater activities
  • Winter sports
  • Cycling/Mountain biking
  • Horseback riding
  • Tactical sports

Sync all your data to your smartphone after your outing. KAPTREK is compatible with STRAVA, allowing you to seamlessly integrate and analyze your performance data.

SOS / E-Call

Embark on your outdoor adventures with confidence and safety, whether you’re alone or in a group. KAPTREK continuously records your position and provides an SOS button feature that allows you to call for help, alert your loved ones, and notify the surrounding user community*.

In the event of a loss of cellular network coverage, KAPTREK will store your last known position to assist rescue teams in locating you within the area.

*The SOS feature is only available in cellular network coverage areas. Please consult your mobile service provider for coverage details.

gopro remote control

Take control of your GoPro in real-time, with live video feedback of your footage. Access all the functions of your action camera using the side buttons on the screen:

  • Power on/off the camera
  • Start/stop recording
  • Capture photos
  • Adjust camera settings

KAPTREK is compatible with GoPro models starting from Hero 9, allowing you to seamlessly control and operate your GoPro camera while enjoying your outdoor activities.

drone remote control

Take remote control of your drone and let yourself be guided with KAPTREK:

  • Takeoff
  • Automatic tracking mode*
  • Landing
  • Capture photos and videos

KAPTREK is compatible with DJI drones, allowing you to have full control and navigation capabilities. Please note that the automatic tracking mode is only available on drones equipped with collision sensors.

Enjoy the freedom and aerial perspective that drone technology provides during your outdoor adventures with KAPTREK.

outdoor information

Discover and gain a deeper understanding of your outdoor environment with the information features of your KAPTREK:

  • Localized weather conditions
  • Slope angle
  • Compass
  • Altitude

All displayed information is in real-time and sourced from the closest available data to your position. Stay informed and make informed decisions based on the up-to-date environmental information provided by KAPTREK.

voice / text communication

Stay connected in real-time with your community, from one KAPTREK to another:

  • Voice communication via the cloud-based Talkie-Walkie channel*
  • Pre-recorded text messages

For voice communication, a wired or Bluetooth headset connected to your smartphone is required.

With these features, you can easily communicate with other KAPTREK users, ensuring seamless coordination and sharing of information during your outdoor activities.

product setup

Configure and personalize your KAPTREK product either directly from its interface or through the mobile application available on:

– Apple Store (iOS)
– Google Store (Android)

Prepare for your exciting outdoor adventures right from the application, and connect with all your outdoor activity friends. The mobile app allows you to optimize your settings, plan your outings, and stay connected with your outdoor community.

product test


  • Date
  • Time
  • Chronometer
  • Timer
  • Smartphone Notifications
  • Smartphone Application (iOS / Android)
  • Alerts: emergency / community
  • Manual triggering of alerts
  • Automated triggering of alerts (coming soon)
  • Position transmission
  • Number of steps
  • Calories burned
  • Heart rate
  • Duration
  • Activity summary
  • Distance covered
  • Speed / Pace (instantaneous, max, min, average)
  • Vertical speed
  • Call sending / receiving
  • Walkie-Talkie function
  • Community geolocation
  • Instant information sharing
  • Activities, Navigation,
  • Environment
  • Action Cam control
  • Action Cam & Drone video preview
  • Drone control
  • Drone automatic tracking
  • Position
  • Route calculation
  • Tracks (Map, Satellite, Topographic)
  • Points of interest
  • Coordinates
  • Compass
  • Localized information
  • Localized weather
  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • ATM pressure
  • Slope angle
  • Oxygen level
  • Sunrise / Sunset
  • Altitude

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Visuels écrans KAPTREK
Indice de réparabilité 8,9

At Kaptrek, we make it a point of honor to integrate sustainability at the core of our brand strategy. That’s why we are proud to announce that our product presents an exceptional repairability score of 8.9/10. This assessment reflects our commitment to reducing electronic waste and our desire to extend the useful life of our products.

By prioritizing repairability, we provide our customers with the assurance that their investment in a Kaptrek product is not only a choice of quality but also a responsible choice for the environment. We firmly believe that sustainability and performance go hand in hand, and we will continue to strive to create planet-friendly products while delivering an exceptional experience to our users.

Made in france

Kaptrek, produit French Tech

At Kaptrek, we take great pride in producing our product in France, and it holds paramount importance for us. “Made In France” is not just a label; it’s a fundamental value of our brand.

This strategic choice allows us to guarantee our customers exceptional quality, uncompromising reliability, and meticulous attention to detail. It also reinforces our commitment to the local economy, environmental preservation, and adherence to ethical manufacturing standards.

By choosing Kaptrek, our customers are not only supporting a French company but also a philosophy centered on excellence, sustainability, and respect for our roots. It’s a commitment we are proud to share with our valued partners and customers.