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The first French and European IoT/connected platform for industrial applications.

In the evolving landscape of the industry, where efficiency, safety, and innovation are crucial, KAPTREK PRO PILOT positions itself as the comprehensive solution that transcends conventional boundaries. Our revolutionary all-in-one product is specially designed to catalyze industrial performance, offering a convergence of advanced features to meet the diverse needs of this dynamic sector.

KAPTREK PRO PILOT goes beyond being a mere tool; it embodies a visionary approach, providing a range of capabilities from protecting isolated workers to real-time display of production data to remote machine management. This versatile solution redefines how the industry addresses operational challenges, ensuring total process optimization and increased efficiency.

This introduction marks the beginning of a journey through the multiple facets of KAPTREK PRO PILOT, aiming to propel the industry to new heights in innovation, sustainability, and performance.

Possible integrations




machine control


alarm management

pro pilot INDUSTRY


worker safety




Mission management

Integrated features

GPS / Navigation

On-field navigation and geolocation, whether individual or group-based

activities tracking

Physiological, sports,
or health measurements


Vocal and textual
communication (virtual channels)

remote control

Remote control for
connected and compatible devices


Manual or automatic SOS alert,
fall detection


Display of various connected
information from the cloud.

Our product development offer

Advanced customization

Needs Analysis: Our experts will work closely with your team to deeply understand your processes, requirements, and specific goals.

Custom Development: We will design and develop features perfectly tailored to your needs, whether it’s for soldier safety, mission management, real-time tracking, navigation, or other applications specific to your industrial sector.

Seamless Integration: The new features will be seamlessly integrated into the existing KAPTREK PRO PILOT platform, ensuring a consistent and efficient user experience.

Security and compliance

Data Management: A secure approach to data management in compliance with French and European standards, ensuring confidentiality and protection of sensitive information.

Rigorous Testing: All customizations will undergo rigorous testing to ensure system stability, reliability, and security under all usage conditions.

Training and technical support

Customized Training: Specific training sessions will be provided to your team to ensure optimal use of the newly integrated features.

Dedicated Technical Support: Dedicated technical support will be available to address your questions, resolve any potential issues, and ensure operational continuity.

pro pilot lab


Research and development of features around our innovative building blocks

pro pilot training


Training on the use of KAPTREK PRO PILOT environments

pro pilot support


After-sales service, maintenance, product updates, documentation


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